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Who We Are & What We Love

What We Love:

Chic Concepts loves creating unique events that reflect our clients’ personality and style. We love getting to know our clients over coffee meetings and walk thrus. We love listening to our clients’ needs and desires, so that we can get a better sense of who they are, and how we can serve them. We love serving. We love God, our family, friends, vendors and clients. We love creating event timelines, sampling cake and delicious cuisine at vendor tastings, sketching design samples from our dreams, and creating floral pieces. We love working with: music in the background, a vision in our mind and high expectations to create events.

Our Team

We have an awesome team of event planners, designers and creators who are there every step of the way to make your event a great one! Whether our team is sending emails, cutting flowers or loading vans–they do it with big smiles and big hearts.


Certified Designer and Founder


Janina started her design career as an interior designer. She loves creating an event design concept from small inspirations, such as jewelry, or a beautiful textile or color.

Her background and experience in design has served her well in the event industry, as she believes the principles and elements of art and design translate to any landscape of choice. To her, art is design, and design is art. And whether she’s creating a floral piece, transforming a venue space or designing a bedroom-her passion and her love of design are what drive her.

In her free time, Janina loves going to church. She loves her family and God with all of her heart.

Janina received her design certification from St. Mary’s University.

Contact Janina: (210) 248-7800 or


Founder & Event Planner


Nicolette has been serving as the event planner for over five years. As the company has grown, so has her love for her clients and the event industry. She started her career as an intern for a non-profit organization at 18-years-old, and has learned much and enjoyed many experiences since then.

With a love of drama on her side, Nicolette sees every event as a production. Whether it’s small or big-she believes that it takes a team of experts who love and have a passion for what they do to make it a cohesive and joyful event. She understands that every event takes a great team. Nicolette’s love for her clients and her industry have been a driving force for Chic Concepts, and she is very thankful for the trust her clients give to her and the team.

Nicolette enjoys traveling, dancing and laughing with her friends.

Nicolette earned her bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in public relations from Texas State University. Go Bobcats!

Contact Nicollete: (210) 884-2820 or